Wilkinson-Kent Consulting Pty Ltd

About Us

Wilkinson-Kent Consulting Pty Ltd was founded in 2003 by Alastair Wilkinson and Tim Kent to provide expert IT service to business.  Geoff Wilson joined the organisation in 2006.

Our Services

Reliable and Secure Systems

Above all else we design systems that are reliable and secure so business owners and staff aren't anxious or worried about IT and can instead focus on further ways to leverage it.


We can help improve business efficiencies by streamlining and where possible automating processes or tasks.

Cloud Integration

We are very proficient at Cloud migrations and can structure a plan to migrate and utilise these services without affecting or impacting business productivity.

IP Networks

Many of our clients have multiple locations or telework, we are very experienced in allowing access without compromising security.

Contact Us

Wilkinson-Kent Consulting Pty Ltd
ABN 65 105 928 676
PO Box 393
Albion QLD 4010

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +61 405 303 460